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I have loved working with every single client. If you are a past client, I would love it if you left a review!


First time mama here- and I knew I wanted a doula. Bekah did a great job and provided a ton of support with exercises, great reminders, and hours of walking through labor followed by an unplanned hospital birth. Even through the transfer and the continuing labor she was helping and figuring things out for us and presenting options. I also appreciated her calmness in the face of a challenging situation. I would definitely recommend her Doula services to pregnant mamas looking for support through labor at home or the hospital.

-Stacey S.

I would hand down recommend Bekah if you are looking in to the use of a doula. I will be using her again when we have our next child. She was very helpful when it came to understanding the details of everything before making decisions. She was there for every contraction and made my birth experience excellent.

-Stormy H.


I met beka within the same month that I was due. I had other options but I had a positive feeling for her. Shortly after I decided for her to be my Doula and I was amazed of how committed she was from the beginning. Her passion and her support tremendously made my birth wonderful! Especially at the last minute of choosing her, she spent more than 24 hours with me in active labor although I transfer over to a hospital. I highly recommend her and can’t say enough about her and my birth! Thank you wonderful Beka!!!!

- Sandy M.

This was my first time having a doula (3rd time mommy here) and I could not recommend hiring bekah enough! She was amazing! I had to have a version done and she was so great about helping me breathe and stay calm when I really didn’t want to be. she also knows several different techniques to help with the contractions which was a lifesaver. And the after birth care was as equally as amazing. My baby had to go to the nicu and I would have gone insane without her help. Thank you bekah for being so amazing with what you do!

- Ruth B.


I hired Bekah because she really understands that birth is a physiological process and not necessarily a medical one. She was willing to attend an unassisted home birth which made me realize she is awesome. I decided not to do it (I went to the hospital lmao and I do NOT regret it) and my labor was LONG and she stayed up the whole time and attended to my needs! I seriously don’t know what I would have done without her I would have been so miserable!! I definitely recommend her she is also a very nice and motherly person.

- Alli E.

Bekah was FANTASTIC throughout the entire birth process. She was patient, kind and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Bekah as your doula.

- Denise A.

Bekah was great through the whole labor and delivery! Very helpful and attentive. She is amazing at helping you stay calm and focused while encouraging a happy, successful birth for mom and baby!

- Shaela H.


We really appreciate you Beka for all of your dedication, time and attention for the delivery! You are amazing!

- Nelson K.


Rebekah was the best decision that I made at the moment of being near the end of my pregnancy and already made up my mind of not having one since this was not my first rodeo. My midwife saw differently with this being my fourth child but hadn't gone on the all natural path before, my midwife advised me to find a doula. She actually had a doula in mind but due to the timing and other circumstances that doula couldn't take on any new clients so she recommended Rebekah. From the first time we met it was like I met my long lost friend and I accepted her as my doula that very day. She was an awesome doula and by me not knowing what a doula does she taught me alot and I thank her for that. I highly recommend Rebekah to any woman needing a doula alongside her during her pregnancy.

- Brittany A. 

I can't recommend Rebekah enough as a doula! I decided to go epidural-free in a hospital setting, and I couldn't have done it with as much peace and confidence without her. She did an amazing job of coaching me through the intensity of each contraction. It was so beneficial to be able to have my husband with me the entire time because she was there as well. Every time she went to get the nurse or especially the doctor when transition occurred and pushing was on the horizon, I was able to focus and be more present since my husband could stay right with me instead of being interrupted. Her calm confidence and helpful suggestions did so much to strengthen and encourage me throughout the whole process. I will always be grateful for everything she did for us during the birth of our second daughter. 

- Melanie H. 


We booked Bekah's sibling doula package for our 3-year-old son when his baby sister was born. We had the most wonderful experience with Bekah and could not recommend her more! It meant everything to us to know that our son was in the best hands while we welcomed his sister at the hospital. Bekah is such a loving and caring person and we trusted her 100% from the first moment we met her. We ended up having a quick birth and Dad was back home the same night, but Bekah would have stayed for two entire days if needed, which was so much appreciated. Our son asked us the next day when Bekah will watch him again because he had such a great time with her. Bekah was wonderful and we would definitely hire her again!

- Nadine S.

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