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Doula Services

I love being able to help couples in their journey to meeting their baby, whether that's Doula services, Postpartum services or through Childbirth Education.

There are a lot of expenses that come with having a baby. Hiring a Doula should not be a burden on your family's budget.  With that being said, I offer payment plans for any couple who needs it. It will be specific to what your family needs. The only stipulation is that the total fee must be paid by the time your little one arrives.

I truly believe that every couple deserves a Doula. I want to do my part in making sure that is a possibility. 

Classic Doula Package - $1,500

1 Free 45 minute consultation. 1-2 Birth plan visits in your home. 1 Postpartum visit in your home. Supporting Arms booklet. Comfort measures class and booklet. Continuous labor support. Immediate postpartum support up to 3 hours. Unlimited contact by phone and text. Referrals to other birth professionals. On call for you at 37 weeks. 

Postpartum Support - $35 

Night time support. Day time support. Helping with the dishes. Doing the laundry. Light house work (kitchen, straightening up, and a quick wipe down in the bathroom). Caring for the baby and you. 

Minimum of 4 hours. Price is per hour.

Birth Only Support - $1,000

Virtual Prenatal interview. 1-Hour birth plan meeting. Unlimited phone support. Continuous labor support. 

1 Virtual follow up call. Referrals to other birth professionals. 

Doulas and Dads?

Bekah was amazing when it came to helping my wife through labor and delivery. She was with us for two out of our three kids. The two births she attended were much easier and calmer for me and my wife. It was nice to have someone there not only to help her work through the pain and anxiety of giving birth but to help me understand how to support her as well. I would definitely recommend her as a doula!

- Levi B.

Do I need a doula if my partner is there? 

Is my Doula going to take my (dad's) place?

Yes and No. 

Yes, a Doula would still be helpful  at your birth. Doulas are there for educational and physical purposes. I will help with your birth plan and with positioning/comfort measures. 

No, I'm not there to take over dads role. I'm there to help both mom and dad. While I might be more knowledgeable about birth, you are more knowledgeable about mom. We are all on the same team.

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