It is such an honor and a privilege to help couples on their journey to meeting their little ones. There are a lot of expenses that come with having a baby. Hiring a Doula should not be a burden on your family's budget.  With that being said, I want to offer payment plans for any couple who needs it. It will be specific to what your family needs. The only stipulation is that the total fee must be paid by the time your little one arrives.

I truly believe that every couple deserves a Doula. I want to do my part in making sure that is a possibility. 


Classic Doula Package - $950

  • Free 30-45 minutes consultation 

  • Supporting Arms booklet

  • Tennis Balls for comfort measures

  • 1 Birth plan visit

  • Unlimited contact by phone, text, email, etc.

  • On call for you 24/7 at 36 weeks

  • Continuous labor support

  • Immediate postpartum support

  • One postpartum visit

  • Referrals to other professionals

Additional postpartum care

$35 An hour (Minimum 2 hours)

Phone & Email Support 

Phone 214 392 9581

The online courses that Birth Boot Camp offers can be found here: